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    NuOp is where Real Estate Agents find one another, create legally binding real estate referrals, and keep the middleman out of their referral fee.

    Exchanging Real Estate Referrals was difficult . . .

    Before NuOp , you as a Real Estate Agent, had to take precious time from your day to perform the following actions just to find the right Agent for your client who is making a move outside of your marketplace:

    1. 1

      Manually search zillow or, in the target area(s) that your client desires, for a list of potential Agents. Or, make a post on social media and hope to get the name of an agent or two in the target area.
    2. 2

      Try to vet the Agents you found based upon their Zillow, or other internet profiles.
    3. 3

      Contact Agents, one by one, to see if they are interested in your referral.
    4. 4

      While speaking with potential Agents, you need to be careful not to divulge too much information before you have a legally binding referral agreement.
    5. 5

      Negotiate the referral fee amount with the prospective Agents.
    6. 6

      After the Agent is selected, then create the referral agreement.
    7. 7

      Fax, email, or set up e-signing for the referral agreement.
    8. 8

      Wait for the receiving Agent to sign your agreement.
    9. 9

      Once agreement is signed, then contact the receiving Agent to provide him/her with the client’s contact information.
    10. 10

      Contact your client to let them know which Agent will be contacting them.

    Now, it’s easy!

    Only three simple steps are required for Real Estate Agents to exchange a legally binding client referral through NuOp

    Submit your referral information.

    Vet Candidates who “claim” your referral.

    Select the best fit candidate for your client

    *With NuOp you remain in control. Only you can assign your referral, and no one can view your client information until it is assigned.

    Keep 100% of your referral fees

    With NuOp there is no one in the middle taking a portion of your referral fee. Our platform generates revenue in other more meaningful ways that add value to our Members.

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    Real Estate Referrals Made Simple

    Save Time

    We are fully in tune with how little time Real Estate Brokers and Agents have to fiddle around with technology. Because of this, NuOp has been built with ease of use in mind. We made it quick & easy for our Members to find top-notch Agents to exchange referrals by creating the Open Referral process. Our Members simply need to submit their referral and then NuOp does all the work of finding the candidates for you to choose from.

    And the best part is that you remain in control, because you, and only you, can choose who your referral is assigned to.

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    Perhaps the most important factor for Real Estate Agents is that their referral agreement is legally binding so that they can get paid! Yes, we get it and that is why our technology goes above and beyond what is necessary to legally bind, securely store, and authenticate referral agreements between Members.

    NuOp utilizes today’s most advanced technology to ensure your referral agreements are secure.

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    Profit from your B2B Network

    Each real estate transaction requires a team of professionals to provide the Home Buyer or Seller with the proper experience. Think Inspectors, Lenders, Attorneys, Plumbers, Painters, etc. . . The list goes on and on.

    As a Real Estate Agent, you and your service providers are a powerful source of business opportunities for one another. Because NuOp makes exchanging ops quick & easy, you should use it to track each and every recommendation, referral, or job you send and receive. This will help you fully understand what relationships are most profitable.

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    Take control of your business

    NuOp empowers Real Estate Agents to create business opportunities for themselves, rather than relying on costly and ineffective third party lead generation providers.

    — Geoff Green, NuOp™ CEO & Real Estate Broker since 2006.