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    I LOVE REAL ESTATE!! I've literally been doing this my whole life. I grew up in a real estate office, with my mom getting her license when I was just 10 years old. Hanging out there after school and on weekends, I was soon put to work, filing, typing, and manually organizing home data we now use a computer for. Soon I knew what was on the market better than most agents. I finally got my license in 1988, and have been going strong ever since. I learned the business the old fashioned way. George Lusk (the famous SoCal builder once told me “Treat your client like family. Treat their money like it's your own. Do right by the client and everything else takes care of itself.” That’s why I've been privileged to serve 3 & 4 generations of families. I've been business since 1988. I sell both residential real estate and multifamily, as well as commercial and business opportunities. I do things the old fashioned way. This is a people business, and we can't forget that. I am also the Productivity Coach for our market center. I love referrals and go the extra mile for them. When you hire the Regazzi Realty Group, you get Trust, Integrity, Confidence...when you need it most.
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