The Social Proof Principal

The social proof principle is a powerful tool to have. Here's why.

The Social Proof Principal
Photo by Prateek Katyal / Unsplash

Imagine going through Amazon or some other online retailer and you come across a nice pair of headphones. They are from a name brand you know, Logitech, but you never bought from them before. So you check the amazon reviews. The first one you see is listed 5 stars by Dana who said the headphones have a fantastic sound quality and noise canceling capabilities. That initial fear you felt is gone, and you start to feel more inclined to make a purchase. But just to make sure you keep going. More 5-star ratings. Ok, it’s clear they are great. But you are a smart shopper so you check their social media. Recently they reposted a comment from a customer mentioning how Logitech hardware has changed their life for the better, making them more productive and ahead of the game. The person never even mentioned the headphones! But at this point, you go back to your cart and finish your order.

You just saw the social proof principle in action!  This is when companies use the word of mouth from their customers to help them show loyalty and command in their field. We are more likely to trust each other than a business on its own merits. But why? Where did this concept come from?

What Is The Social Proof Principle?

Using the above example, the social proof principle or just social proof is when a company uses word of mouth to market itself and gain authority and trust among customers. Though it did not always start like this. According to HubSpot, social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where people look to the actions of others and copy their behavior in order to fit in. Once you become aware of this it becomes clear in a lot of places you look. Take high school, for example, it’s a massive game of social proof. People copy other people in order to fit in. We all feel it when we go to a new place, we look around to make sure we are doing what others are doing so we don’t stand out or look weird. It’s a powerful effect and it’s just as powerful when leveraged in marketing correctly. Now that you know what social proof is, how is it important?

screen shot of the comment section with social proof in action

Why Is It Important?

Social proof is important in a few ways. For starters, let’s look at the importance of it in a business. Like the example at the top of the page if used correctly and not covered in sale and marketing jargon. If it looks genuine and real, people are likely to follow the example. Social proof also takes over the job of reviews and can be quite a level more impactful. Both social proof and reviews are powerful marketing tools. Let’s look at another example of social proof in action before moving on.

In the picture, we can see an in-action look at the social proof principle. Doughb which is a rapidly growing health-centered cookie dough business has taken the time to respond to comments in their post mentioning their deal with Costco. They did not have to go the extra mile but for me and other consumers, this makes a personal connection and removes the unknown, then in response takes away the fear of buying. They subverted objections by making this connection. The single line of “thank you for being a part of it.” is a powerful converter.

Lastly, the social proof principle is important to you simply because it’s how brands get you to spend money! Being aware of this makes you a much more informed and valuable consumer. And secondly, as an agent social proof is the main way you can get more business.

Some ways You Can Grow Social Proof:

Case Studies:

Showcase a happy customer by simply asking them about their experience with you. These studies are deep dives into how you and the client worked well together.


Like case studies, this is a way to show how happy people are with you. But this is more of a review than a deep dive. Think of a short tweet or message saying how awesome you or your product is.

Licenses and Awards:

If you are an agent, which most of you most likely are, make sure to show your licenses and awards if you have some! This shows people you know what your doing, and have been recognized for it.

How NuOp Can Grow Your Social Proof

Now that you know what the social proof principle is, and why it’s important to both you and the companies that use it, why not learn how NuOp can help you grow yours as an agent? First off give yourself a moment before reading on and think to yourself and see if you can figure out how.

Figured it out?

If not, don’t worry, we will talk about it now! We talked about social proof about a year ago and in it, we mentioned how NuOp can help with your social proof, but a year is a lot of time. And we have been busy changing and growing with you all, so let’s talk about it again.

When you exchange a referral with someone you are actually growing your online presence! How? Each referral creates a separate page that helps you grow your social proof and your digital identity. It brings more impressions to your name, and more people will find you organically. This means better SEO and more business for you!


When it’s all said and done social proof is a valuable tool to use in order to grow yourself and your business. People want to fit in and when they feel like they are, they are more likely to make a purchase. And now there are so many different industries that survive off of the social proof principle and real estate is one of them. If you want to make sure people will want to work with you and give you more leads, NuOp is a perfect utility to help grow said social proof.