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NuOp makes it fast and easy for Members to make money by exchanging business opportunities with one another.

The Entrepreneur gets what the Entrepreneur checks.

Tracking referrals exchanged is a daunting task for many Entrepreneurs.  If you don’t believe it stop reading this page and see if you can find out within the next 60 seconds exactly how many client referrals you have received in the past 12 months and from whom they were sent.

If you couldn’t do it don’t worry, because not many Entrepreneurs can.  That said, don’t you think it would be of great benefit if you could recall this information that quickly?

Being able to track referrals comes down to two things:  speed & ease.

If it’s not fast & easy I won’t use it!

Yes, we totally get it.  Entrepreneurs are far too busy and pulled in far too many directions to waste time trying to figure out how to use a software tool to exchange referrals.  Fear not!  NuOp was founded and created by real-world Entrepreneurs.  This simply means that NuOp was built for speed & ease.

Three referral exchange methods, one simple form.

When you have a client to refer sometimes you know just the right professional to connect them with.  Other times you might know 2 or 3 solid pros that could get the job done.  Then there are times when you need a little help to find the right professional for your client.

At NuOp we have categorized these three scenarios into the following referral exchange methods:

  1. Direct Referral – When you know just the right professional.
  2. First-Come, First-Serve – When you know a few good professionals.
  3. Open Referral – When you need a little help to find the right professional for your client.

All three methods are executed using the same form.  Just tap the “Create” button to get started.

Because we get fired up about the leverage that Open Referrals provide to the Member who sends them, let’s begin with a brief description of how the Open Referral works.

The open referral method is used by Members for one, (or both) of the following reasons:

  1. They need help finding the right professional for their client referral.
  2. They want to promote themselves.

There are three simple steps to completing an Open Referral:

  1. Submit your referral information.
  2. Vet Candidates who “claim” your referral.
  3. Select the best fit candidate for your client

The best thing about the open referral is that I remain in control.  I get to choose who my client ultimately works with.  NuOp’s open referral process makes finding candidates for my referrals easy to do.

Amy Green

VP of Mortgage Lending, Guaranteed Rate

Use Open Referrals to promote yourself

The simple act of submitting an open referral instantly notifies all NuOp Members in that geographic location of who you are and what you have to offer. If you are consistently submitting open referrals you will become very popular within the community.

Additionally, our Member success team promotes your referral throughout social media if your referral is not accepted within a few hours of you submitting it. You also are given the ability to promote your referral throughout social media as well.

The Members who send the most referrals tend to receive the most referrals. So, utilize the open referral system as much as you possibly can.

Direct Referrals

When you know exactly who to send your client referral to, you can quickly and easily send it using our direct referral method.  This method is completed in two easy steps:


Step 1 - Submit Your Referral Information


Step 2 - Receiving Party accepts your referral

First-Come, First-Serve

Perhaps, you have a few people in mind for your client referral, but you don’t want to spend the time to figure out which one is available right now to take it.

When you use our first-come, first-serve method you can send your client referral to 5 (or less) Members at once.  The first one to claim it gets it.

This method is completed in two easy steps:


Step 1 - Submit Your Referral Information


Step 2 - First to claim it gets it

If I have a situation where I need to delegate a client to one of the Agents in my office, I simply don’t have the time to stop what I am doing to call around to see who is ready, willing, and able to handle the client.  NuOp allows me to send the referral to multiple people at one time, and the first to claim my referral gets the referral.  This guarantees me that I am referring my client to someone who is ready to provide service right away.

Michael Perry

Real Estate Broker, Consult Realty

Looking to receive a referral?

Well, look no further – just install the NuOp app on your mobile device, enable notifications, and claim open referrals when they get posted.

As you just learned by reading this page NuOp has three referral exchange methods.  Regardless of which one is used all Members are notified in two ways about referrals:


Push Notifications

Email Notifications

Why wait another minute?

NuOp is a referral processing utility that makes exchanging referrals fast & easy.  Business Professionals who send lots of referrals usually receive lots of referrals.  Use NuOp to make you and your business well known.

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