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NuOp makes it fast and easy for Real Estate Agents to exchange referrals.

Exchanging Real Estate Referrals was hard . . .

Before NuOp , Real Estate Professionals had to take precious time from their day to perform the following actions just to exchange a referral:


  1. Stop and think about who to refer, and most times manually search zillow or realtor.com to find candidates.
  2. Play phone tag with potential candidates so more could be learned about the candidate’s ability as a real estate professional.
  3. Manually process a referral agreement which many times requires the parties to print, sign, scan, and then email.
  4. Follow up to ensure the connection with the client was established.

Now it’s easy!

Only three simple steps are required for Real Estate Professionals to exchange a client referral through NuOp:

  1. Submit the referral information.
  2. Vet candidates who “claim” the referral.
  3. Select the best fit candidate for the client referral.

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With NuOp,
there are NO FEES on commission
exchanged between Agencies.

You work hard for your commissions.
So why should anyone else have a claim to it?
With NuOp, you keep it all.

Open Referrals

We are fully in tune with how little time Real Estate Brokers and Agents have to fiddle around with technology. Because of this NuOp has been built with ease of use in mind. We made it easy for our Members to find top-notch Agents to exchange referrals by creating the Open Referral process. Our Members simply need to submit their referral and then NuOp does all the work of finding the candidates for the referral. We like to say, “Let the candidates come to you”.

After all, when you have a referral to send, you have what someone else wants. Learn more about claiming open referrals.

Referral agreements authenticated via blockchain.

Perhaps the most important factor for Real Estate Professionals is that their referral agreement is legally binding so that they can get paid! Yes, we get it and that is why our technology goes above and beyond what is necessary to legally bind, securely store, and authenticate referral agreements between Members. NuOp utilizes today’s most advanced technology including Blockchain.

We thought of it all so that no stone would go unturned. So go ahead, sign up and enjoy NuOp– The Real Estate Referral Community!

Exchange referrals with your Real Estate Power Team

Real Estate Pros are referral machines. Each transaction requires a team of professionals to provide the Home Buyer or Seller with the proper experience.  Think Inspectors, Lenders, Plumbers, Painters, etc. . .  The list goes on and on.

A Real Estate Pro, and his or her service providers are a power team for referrals.  And at the epicenter is the Real Estate Pro.

NuOp makes it easy for Real Estate Power Team to get all of their service providers connected so exchanging referrals is a snap.

What’s even better is that Real Estate Pros can earn money just by inviting their Power Team to become a Member of NuOp.  Learn more about the Invite and Earn program.

Let’s take back our industry

It’s time to put the lead generation power of the Real Estate Industry back into the hands of the people who know it the best.
— Geoff Green, NuOp™ CEO & Real Estate Broker since 2006.

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