Our Story

A simple tool created to help business professionals with monetizing their B2B relationships.

Did you know that most business professionals source the majority of their business through personal relationships?


You might think that technology platforms like Google, & Facebook provide the vast majority of business opportunities to Entrepreneurs and business professionals throughout the world, but it’s not true.  Personal relationships are far more powerful when it comes to sourcing business opportunities.

NuOp was created to help business professionals with monetizing their B2B relationships.

NuOp is a digital platform that provides its members with the ability to exchange business opportunities.  NuOp connects Members peer to peer and provides them with the tools to not only create and claim business opportunities, but also to enter into, legally bind, securely store, and authenticate referral agreements utilizing today’s most advanced technologies including Blockchain.

NuOp was not created to provide business opportunities to its Members.  It was created to make it easy for its Members to provide business opportunities to one another.

Our Founding

The creation of NuOp has deep roots in the Real Estate Industry.  Our co-founder and CEO Geoff Green spent 15 successful years in the Real Estate Industry prior to co-founding NuOp.

You might think that technology platforms like Zillow and Realtor.com feed Real Estate Agents most of their business, but it’s not true.  Real Estate Agents generate the vast majority of their business from friends, family, past clients, and B2B relationships. 

As we took a hard look at other industries, we quickly realized that this is not a phenomenon limited only to the Real Estate industry.  In fact, many business professionals from other industries rely heavily on personal relationships to source their business as well. 

The problem was that Geoff, and many others, were using a variety of methods to try and monetize their personal relationships for their respective businesses.  In other words,  it was cumbersome to harness the full power of generating business from personal relationships. 

The solution that NuOp creates for its Members is to provide a fast, easy & secure way to track and exchange B2B opportunities.  Because NuOp tracks every opportunity that is exchanged, our Members know who their top sources of business are, and also who they are sending their business opportunities to. 

Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how much revenue you have created for another business professional that you send business to?  This and many other important questions are finally answered for NuOp Members.  Having answers to important questions like this is why we created NuOp. 

We Hope that you become a Member!

Not only do we hope that you become a member, but that NuOp helps you increase the amount of monetization you experience from your B2B relationships.

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