Do you know people who would love NuOp?

Invite and Earn cash in just 3 easy steps

NuOp is all about Members creating opportunities for one another.  So we thought we should go all out when one of our own Members refers someone they know to sign up for NuOp.  We call it, “Invite & Earn”.

When you invite others to join NuOp, you will not only gain an important B2B referral partner, but you can get paid as well.  Wanna learn how it works? Keep reading on and you will know exactly how our “Invite & Earn” program work.

What do you get?

CASH!  That is what you get.  If any referral partners register through your invitation to join, you will earn 10% of all revenue that NuOp generates from your referral partner within 24 months of their initial purchase date. The 10% applies to subscription plans and add-ons that Members purchase.  See our pricing page for more details.

Here is an example:

  • Let’s say you invite your acquaintance Kim Patterson to sign up for NuOp.  When Kim signs up she, like everyone else, automatically becomes an “Essential” member.  The “Essential” plan is free for life, which obviously means Kim pays nothing to NuOp while her membership remains on the “Essential” plan.
  • Now, let’s also say that Kim remained on the essential plan for 1 year before she purchased a Pro plan from NuOp.
  • Once Kim made that initial purchase of the Pro plan you would then receive 10% of all the money Kim pays to Nuop for the next two years.

Bottom line: the 24 month incentive period doesn’t start until the member makes their first purchase.

Why do I need to enter my debit card information to setup Invite and Earn?
In order for NuOp to deposit money that you have earned from our Invite and Earn program, Stripe needs to verify your bank account. 
No charges will be made as a result of your debit card entry. 
Stripe is a software company that offers payment processing software to some of the top e-commerce websites in the world.  To learn more visit their website, HERE.
How much can you earn?

The sky is your only limitation.  You’re encouraged to invite as many referral partners as you see fit.  If they subscribe for a subscription plan or add-on service you will be paid as stated above.

Is there a fee to join NuOp?

No.  Everyone can join NuOp for FREE.  Each time someone creates a new account with NuOp they automatically become an “Essential” Member.  One can remain in the “Essential” Member Plan for as long as they would like.  Members may choose to register for paid plans and add-ons when and if they see fit.

Who should you invite?

NuOp is a great opportunity for any business professional that may be interested in exchanging referrals, expanding their reach, and growing their business.  Potential targets for you could be anyone from Real Estate Agents to Hair Stylists, to Plumbers to Financial Advisors.   You should consider all connections you have which may find benefit in becoming a member of The Business Opportunity Exchange.

What if other Members of NuOp invite my referral partners first?

When a new Member registers through an invite link, only the Member who sent that link will have the new Member associated to their account.  This means that it is to your advantage to be the first person to invite a new Member.  If you are not first someone else might beat you to it!

Will you get a cut of referral fees exchanged between Members?

No.  Since NuOp does not take a fee on the commission exchanged between Members there is no revenue for us to share in this case.

They didn't register through your link. Can you still earn an invitation fee?

No.  A new member must register through an invitation link for that new member to be considered part of the invite and earn program.

How do you send the invitations?

There are 3 ways for you to invite your referral partners to join, all of which are located in one easy to use module.  The fastest way to get to the invite module is to click on this icon which displays on a card in the home opportunity feed or in the news feed.  Alternatively you can go to settings and click on the Invite & Earn module.  Tap your avatar to get to settings:

Invite Icon



You have three methods to send invitations:

  1. Simply enter the email address of the person you would like to invite and NuOp will take care of the rest.
  2. Create social media posts with one click.
  3. Copy and paste your unique invite link wherever you see fit. Manually post it in social media, add it to your email signature, or simply send it out via email yourself.
Is there a way for you to track the status of your invitations?

Yes.  Once you configure your debit card account so that you can receive payments from NuOp, you will then be able to see the following on the invite module:


  1. The number of invitations sent.
  2. The number of invitations which have been accepted.
  3. The number of supporting Members from your invitations.
  4. The total amount of money that you have earned.
  5. The balance of what you have yet to be paid.
How often will you receive payment for eligible invite fees?

Quarterly.  All invite fees are paid on or about the 7th business day of January, April, July, & October.  Payment is subject to availability of settlement data. 

How long will I receive the 10% invite fee?

You will earn 10% of all revenue that NuOp generates from referral partners who register through your registration link within 24 months of their initial purchase date.

Why wait another minute?

Our Invite & Earn program provides you with everything you need to quickly and easily invite your referral partners to join NuOp.  The problem is that if someone else beats you to it, the opportunity is lost.  Get started NOW!


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