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  • Giovanni Lasalandra - Looking for Real Estate Agent - Astor, Florida

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    General Information

    Looking For:

    Real Estate Agent


    Astor, Florida


    September 22nd 2021

    Client Type:


    Property Type:


    Price Range:

    $15,000 - $150,000

    Financing Info:

    All Cash Buyer





    Client is interested in Possum Rd Lots 33 & 34, Astor, FL 32102 and he is not working with a realtor. He currently lives in Orlando and he needs some more information on it before he makes the trip to go see it. He is willing to pay for the property with cash and he is interested in another property that is around $150k.

    Other Information

    Client Source:

    Recent Lead

    Client Status:

    Ready NOW!

    Last Contact:

    September 22nd 2021

    Referral Terms
    Fee Requirements

    15% of Real Estate Commission

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