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  • Geoffrey Green - Looking for Real Estate Agent - Warwick, New York


    This Referral has been Awarded.

    General Information

    Looking For:

    Real Estate Agent


    Warwick, New York


    November 1st 2021

    Client Type:


    Property Type:


    Price Range:

    $200,000 - $600,000

    Financing Info:

    Not yet pre-approved





    Past residential client of mine seeking to purchase / build and office building in the Warwick area. Perhaps there could be other investment opportunities in the future as well. They have a specific property in mind. This may ultimately end up in them not doing a deal at all as they do not have a pressing need for this building, but it's a substantial client, and a reasonable shot at a commercial transaction. I am seeking an Agent with substantial commercial real estate knowledge, a good handle on the Warwick, NY market, and also knowledge of land development. This referral agreement would survive to any future real property transactions that this client may complete while working with the awarded Agent. Thank you for your consideration!

    Other Information

    Client Source:

    Past Client

    Client Status:

    Ready in 2-6 Months

    Last Contact:

    November 1st 2021

    Referral Terms
    Fee Requirements

    25% of Real Estate Commission

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