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  • Real Estate Agent in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, NJ needed


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    General Information

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    Looking For:

    Real Estate Agent


    Fair Lawn, New Jersey


    June 20th 2023

    Client Type:


    Property Type:

    Single Family







    First time, all cash, home buyer. Looking for a single family home under the $425k mark. Absolute max of $450k. Reasonable requirements and serious intent. They are not tied to a specific location, but consider Fairlawn kind of the epicenter of their desired search territory. They will search further north and west of fairlawn. Ready to purchase now. In the spirit of full disclosure they might take a look at homes in Rockland county NY as well. I will refer them to another Agent who covers that territory if they decide to look in that territory. Thank you for considering this op!

    Other Information

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    Client Status:

    Ready NOW!

    Last Contact:

    June 19th 2023

    Referral Terms
    Fee Requirements

    25% of Real Estate Commission

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