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  • Giovanni Lasalandra - Looking for Real Estate Agent - San Clemente, California

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    General Information

    Looking For:

    Real Estate Agent


    San Clemente, California


    August 18th 2021

    Client Type:


    Property Type:


    Price Range:

    $500,000 - $1,000,000

    Financing Info:

    Not yet pre-approved





    Client is looking to purchase land and build house on the property. This is their first time buying land for a new construction home, so they would need to be walked through the process. The property must have a nice view! They were interested in 25 cantilena, San Clemente, CA. But it may be under contract, would be willing to look at other locations.

    Other Information

    Client Source:

    Recent Lead

    Client Status:

    Ready in 2-6 Months

    Last Contact:

    August 18th 2021

    Referral Terms
    Fee Requirements

    25% of Real Estate Commission

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