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    Miami, Florida


    September 23rd 2021





    Writes multiple values to the Database at once. The values argument contains multiple property-value pairs that will be written to the Database together. Each child property can either be a simple property (for example, "name") or a relative path (for example, "name/first") from the current location to the data to update. As opposed to the set() method, update() can be use to selectively update only the referenced properties at the current location (instead of replacing all the child properties at the current location). The effect of the write will be visible immediately, and the corresponding events ('value', 'child_added', etc.) will be triggered. Synchronization of the data to the Firebase servers will also be started, and the returned Promise will resolve when complete. If provided, the onComplete callback will be called asynchronously after synchronization has finished. A single update() will generate a single "value" event at the location where the update() was performed, regardless of how many children were modified. Note that modifying data with update() will cancel any pending transactions at that location, so extreme care should be taken if mixing update() and transaction() to modify the same data. Passing null to update() will remove the data at this location.

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    September 23rd 2021

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