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    “Above all else, I consider myself to be a leader of people.” Starting out as an Entrepreneur in 2005 Geoff founded Green Team Realty which now covers territory in both NY & NJ, boasts over 100 Agents, and $150mm in Sales Volume each year. Geoff built Green Team Realty from very humble beginnings to what it is today during the most challenging years in the history of the Real Estate Industry. “It was really a tough time in my life”, says Geoff, “I had left a budding career in the shopping center industry to strike out and start my own Real Estate Brokerage. At that time in 2005, the market was absolutely booming. Then, just as I figured out what I needed to do in order to become successful in this business, the market completely fell apart. It wasn’t until 8 years later in 2015 when the market finally started to turn around. Until the market bounced back, all I could do was grind my way through each day. Praise God I had the support of my wife Laura, and because of this support I simply was unwilling to give up.” Certain things are simply non-negotiable in Geoff’s life and at the top of the list are his faith and his family. Geoff is an active member of Grace Community Church, Co-Founder of Team Up For Hope, Inc., and a proud Father and Husband. “When I was in third grade my parents got divorced. Financially speaking, things got tough right away. Even as a third-grader I could feel the pressure of my parents being broke. It was because of these early childhood memories that I developed a great work ethic and appreciation for a strong marriage. As I tell people all the time, yes I have been blessed with great businesses in my career, but by far and away my greatest accomplishment is my marriage.” If you know Geoff you would agree that he is a big thinker and intensely motivated to achieve his goals. It was a combination of these two things which led him to create the idea for NuOp. “In short, during the peak of my career as a Realtor, I was referring a lot of business to other Realtors outside of my marketplace. The process was exhausting. After a few years of saying, ‘There has to be a better way’, I mustered up the courage to actually build that better way.” Over the course of time, and with the help of an amazing team of experts, NuOp has now become “The Business Opportunity Exchange”. (Learn more at In its simplest terms, NuOp helps business professionals grow their business by connecting and exchanging opportunities with one another. “What I love most about my work with NuOp is that each day I am helping other Entrepreneurs on their own individual journey. I have helped many of my Agents at Green Team Realty change the trajectory of their lives, and now I get to do the same thing, but on a much larger scale. Helping others to grow their business is truly what compels me to keep working hard each day.” If you are interested in connecting with Geoff you can do so at
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