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    Carol Buchanan brings to the Green Team a strong background in real estate and client service and satisfaction. Her career in real estate began in the administrative side. Carol worked for a large, new-construction home site where she was involved in all aspects of the construction and selling process. As a result, she literally learned the business from the ground up. The quality of the training she gained from that position has carried her throughout her career. Carol earned an Associates Degree in Business Management, and spent time in the corporate world. She worked for a national insurance company, and as a major events coordinator for another major corporation. Her work ethic began there and carries through to this day. Despite her successes in those positions, it is in real estate that Carol found her calling. “My clients put their trust in me and I take that responsibility very seriously. It’s the true interest in your client and the love of real estate that makes you work hard to overcome the obstacles that arise.” Carol’s diligence and attention to detail are front and center throughout the entire process while working with her clients.
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