This article will help you to understand what the NuOp “Invite & Earn” program is and why it is beneficial for you to put your time into it.

Early Adopters usually gain more benefit from referral programs

Right now it’s early days for NuOp.  The platform has not yet caught on globally, but it’s growing quickly.  It’s always best to be first in line so that people associate their attraction to it from you.  In other words it won’t be long before people start to hear about NuOp from others in their sphere. If you are first, you are likely to secure the “earn” portion of the program.


You can actually earn cash

How many referral programs actually give you cash?  Usually, it’s gift certificates, merch, etc. . . This program gives cash.


You are likely to receive B2B referrals from those you invite.

NuOp is after all, “The Business Opportunity Exchange”.  When you invite those in your sphere you are setting yourself up to easily and more readily exchange business opportunities with them. . . .