REALLY has been rebranded to NuOp

REALLY has been rebranded to NuOp

REALLY is now NuOp


In this article, you will find out why REALLY has been rebranded to NuOp, what factors led up to it, and what the future direction is for NuOp.

In short, two major obstacles compelled our team to make the decision to rebrand our platform:

  1. Obtaining a trademark for the word “REALLY” was proving to be very challenging.
  2. Obtaining the domain really.com was proving to be impossible.

Knowing this, one might ask, “Why did you choose the name REALLY in the first place?”. The answer is that the word captured the essence of what our platform was trying to achieve. One of the main benefits our platform, (now called NuOp), is that it provides our members with clarity into their business relationships.


In the beginning . . .


Prior to co-founding this platform, one thing I struggled with for years as a Real Estate Entrepreneur was feeling that my effort to help others build their businesses was not being returned with commensurate effort.  In other words, I knew that I had handed off many referrals to various other entrepreneurs, but did they REALLY return nearly as much business to me?  On the contrary, was I REALLY giving as many referrals to all of my top referral sources?  We knew that many others have that same problem so we set out to solve it by creating REALLY.  

Perhaps we ignored key factors such as obtaining the trademark, and obtaining the proper url.  But, as Amelia Earhart famously said, “The best way to do it, is to do it”, and like many fledgling startups that is just what we did.  We had a great idea, we were passionate about it and quite frankly we loved the name REALLY.  We still do, but ultimately it wasn’t meant to be.

The process of rebranding

Fast forward to the summer of 2020.  Our platform was growing quickly, we were pumping out more and more features which were broadening the scope of our product offering for our Members.  Because the platform was starting to truly scale we knew that we couldn’t wait much longer. We knew that a rebrand had to be done and that now was the time to do it. 

If you are considering a rebrand of your company, beware! It’s not for the faint of heart. 

When you go through a rebrand you have to be fearless and aggressive in your pursuit of selecting the new name.  You need to express any and all ideas to people who you know and trust.  Some of your ideas will make them question your sanity.  Each idea needs to be crosschecked with regards to URL availability, trademarking potential, SEO competition, etc…  In total, we had over 150 options on a spreadsheet by the time we settled on NuOp.  We also had 1 team dinner party to celebrate a new name only to find out 3 days later there were unforeseen trademarking issues with that selection.   Yes, that REALLY happened!  

In the end, and much to our satisfaction, our new name is NuOp. 

Why NuOp?


To explain why REALLY has been rebranded to NuOp, I will begin with the obvious:

  •  The URL nuop.com was available for purchase at a price that wasn’t out of our league.  FYI, some domains trade in the millions of dollars. For us to get a four-letter, two-syllable domain at a price that we could afford without having to do a raise just for this was huge. 
  • We were told by our trademark attorney that we stood a very good chance of obtaining the proper trademark for NuOp.

But there was one more important factor in our favor for choosing NuOp . . .  and that factor is that NuOp captures the essence of our platform –>  Opportunity. 

When we set out to find a new name for our platform we asked ourselves what one word captures the essence of what it provides to its Members.  Without question the resounding answer was Opportunity.  

So we played with the word opportunity in every possible way that you can imagine. Languages other than English, coupled words together, variations of the spelling of it, etc. . . We rung the towel so to speak, and in the end landed on NuOp. 

The future for NuOp is bright


The best way for us to explain NuOp in a 30 second elevator pitch is as follows:

NuOp is the business opportunity exchange where members track and exchange business opportunities on a peer to peer basis with speed and ease. We don’t create the individual business opportunities for our Members, we simply provide a simple and easy way for our Members to track, exchange, and legally bind the opportunities between themselves.

We are very excited about our new name and the future for it. Thousands of business professionals have already signed up for NuOp and we hope you will too. Our essential plan is free for life and that will never change, so take the opportunity to build your profile and create your next NuOp.

Why wait another minute?

Our Invite & Earn program provides you with everything you need to quickly and easily invite your referral partners to join NuOp.  The problem is that if someone else beats you to it, the opportunity is lost.  Get started NOW!


December 6, 2020 Product Updates

December 6, 2020 Product Updates

This post provides an update to all NuOp members on platform enhancements and bug fixes as of 12/6/20. 


New Opportunity Creation Flow

We are proud to release our new opportunity creation flow!  (FYI: A referral is a type of opportunity) We knew that you were creating new opportunities every day with all different types of professions. Now you have the ability to do so on the NuOp platform.  We have created a new “opportunity” creation flow that accommodates any type of referral you want to send.  And of course, we built the new flow keeping ease of use in mind.

If you happen to be a real estate agent and your sold a home to a first-time buyer, that buyer will likely need services from other service professionals. Your buyer might contact you saying “hey we need some work done on the roof and someone to mow the lawn.”  Now you can do it all on NuOp. 


Three options to create and send your opportunity

As always you have three options to create and send your opportunity to another Member:

  1. Send out an open referral for a roofer and a landscaper and we will find the candidates for you. Don’t search it, just send it!
  2. Send a direct referral or a first-come, first-serve referral to a roofer and landscaper that you already know that are on NuOp. 
  3. Invite someone you know to join NuOp through invite and earn and then send them the referral so that you can potentially earn money 

This milestone of giving all professions the ability to exchange a referral with anyone is a huge accomplishment for NuOp. It gives all of our members the capability to maximize performance and keep track of every referral. Now, this leads us to our next big feature in the referral creation flow:


Referral Fees

You are now able to require a referral fee for your referral regardless of your profession.  For many decades real estate agents have been requiring referral fees for their referrals to one another.  In fact, that is the very reason why NuOp was initially created  –> To make the process of exchanging referrals between Agents quick and easy.  Overtime we perfected that function of the platform and now it’s open to all Members including the ability to require a referral fee.  . 



Since NuOp is always about speed and ease, we figured it would be a good idea to slow it down a bit with the preview feature so our members can review their opportunity before submitting it.



We also thought it would be a great idea to upgrade the member search bar. Before members were only able to search other members by name, but now you can also search members by location.


Global distribution of opportunities

For our last update, NuOp now gives you the ability to notify other professionals about your opportunity without any geographical limitations.  For example, if you are seeking virtual assistant services does it really matter where he or she is located?  Probably not!  Now you are able to notify any professional who can provide the service you are seeking regardless of where they are located. Previously our notifications were limited to a certain geographical radius to your stated location.

Thanks for reading.  We hope you try out features and as always feel free to contact us because we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Bug Fixes

  • Members were not able to sign out. That has been corrected.


List of New Features

  • New referral creation flow redesigned with ease of use in mind. 
  • All members, regardless of profession type, are now able to exchange referrals. This accounts for 257 different professions. 
  • Preview your referral before sending it. Members have the ability to review and edit their referral information with the new preview feature.
  • Upgraded member search within referral creation flow makes it easy for our Members to find one another.
  • Professions that have the ability to work remote, can now view and claim open referrals from anywhere on the platform.  Prior to this update, open referrals would only notify Members within a 60 mile radius of the referral location.  
  • All members can now request a referral fee. This option is no longer limited to just Real Estate Sales. Keep in mind, some professions limit how and to who referral fees can be paid. You should ensure that there is no legal, professional or other limitation on your ability to enter into a Referral Agreement and/or to pay or receive any referral fees.