Could All Real Estate Agents Increase Commissions With This One Question… 


To be successful in any career, you have to be willing to hustle and work hard. In Real Estate, there are countless, crazy things that any agent or broker could go through to secure that sale or new client. But, what if you didn’t have to jump through hoops to secure your next commission? Would you do it? Do you already do it? 


Let me explain.


Imagine walking into a house to do a listing presentation. You’ve already spoken to the person on the phone, so you know a little bit about their circumstances. During that interaction, if a seller is moving out of the area, an agent should always ask one thing:

Do you have a real estate agent where you are moving? 

This one question will allow you to secure a future commission while supporting your client. And yet, many agents do not inquire past the initial transaction and situation as they sit at the kitchen table.

This simple question, “Do you have a real estate agent where you are moving?” immediately places you in a space to gain a future commission. It puts you in the position to increase commissions, overall. Many clients will not have another agent lined up and here is your opportunity to help them and yourself – it’s a win-win situation set-up. We love those!  


If your client does not have an agent where they are moving to, you should be sure to offer to set them up with one. Additionally, should the client want options, you can offer to set them up with more than one prospective agent that they can then interview. You can use REALLY to locate and vet prospective agents or should you have someone in the old Rolodex, you can give them a call directly and still connect in REALLY just for the ease of the one-click paperwork. 


During that same kitchen table conversation, remember to always tell your clients that at no additional cost to them, they can use you for advice where ever they go and that by relocating to a different town, they still have their relationship with you as their agent. Let them know that you are happy to search some comps on a potential property or just be a third eye on something they are considering as a professional courtesy of the relationship. When agents refer clients to other agents, a shared commission is expected between the two. And, we are all happy to share in this case. But, none of this can happen without asking the initial question.


Do you have a real estate agent where you are moving? 

“We don’t”

“Well, I can help you with that…” 


A referral commission starts here. What if you always asked that question? Surely, if all real estate agents asked that question, there would be no more money absentmindedly left on the proverbial [kitchen] table.