Constant Acts of Courage Breed Success

Constant Acts of Courage Breed Success

We have all heard stories of people who displayed great courage to achieve great things in their lifetimes.  People like Winston Churchill, Ray Kroc, Michael Jordan, & George Washington quickly come to mind. It’s no secret that it takes courage to achieve success.

What is far more secretive is the fact that constant acts of courage are needed just about every day to achieve success in one’s life.  When we think of courage most of us think in terms of big acts that yield big results, but it’s really the lesser-known acts that truly make us successful.


Breaking from the status quo requires courage


Perhaps the first success hurdle which requires an act of courage is breaking from the status quo.  If you have a good job, but have always dreamed of starting a business, it will certainly require an act of courage for you to take that chance.  If you normally watch football with your friends every Monday night, it takes courage to end that routine because you need to work late on your business. If you normally meet friends for breakfast every Saturday morning it takes courage to say you can’t do it anymore because you need to train for your upcoming marathon.

Breaking from the status quo can be frightening, and it requires serious courage to make it happen. This is a “big” act of courage which will only require many more “smaller” acts of courage to succeed.


Once one does break from the status quo and then becomes resolved to accomplish a goal it then takes follow through to see that goal through to successful fruition.


Courage is needed all day long


I know for a fact that most people who achieve great success monitor closely when they go to bed at night and when they wake up in the morning.   I think we all can agree that waking up before the crack of dawn, day in and day out, requires some courage. The easy way out is to turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep.

Now that you are out of bed what is your next step?  Are you going to drink coffee and scroll through your Facebook feed?  Or, are you going to have the courage to put some healthy food in your body and get some exercise so that you have optimal energy to power yourself through the day?

When your workday begins what will you do with it?  Have you had the courage all week long to manage your schedule properly?  Did you have the courage to say no to meeting requests that aren’t going to help you achieve your goal?  In other words, did you tell your friends that you can’t watch Monday Night Football anymore because you have to get up at 5 am every day in order to achieve your goal?

Acts of courage are needed all day, and every day.

Constant Acts of courage vs success

Good decisions require courage


At a young age, I was told: “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking”.  Of course, at the time of hearing that, I was probably doing something which lacked integrity, which is why it was told to me, but needless to say, that statement couldn’t be more true.  What is implied by that statement is that it takes courage to make the right decisions.


Many times good decisions are hard to make.


I am an Entrepreneur with a focus in Real Estate Brokerage, Investment and Software Development.  While all of my business endeavors have required constant acts of courage to make the right decisions, I have learned the most from my role as a salesperson.  Any sales business is tough because there is constant failure.  In other words, you are told “no” way more then you are told “yes”, and that quickly tries your patience and, in turn, your integrity.

Here are some examples of tough decisions that require a Real Estate Salesperson to dig down and find the courage to come to the right decision.  Perhaps you can see how these same examples apply to your business or profession:


  • My Client’s home, which I have listed for sale, is overpriced and won’t sell.  I recommended this price to them and now I need to recommend that they need to drop their price.
    • If this is you are you going to bury your head in the sand or are you going to muster the courage to have an honest conversation with your client?


  • I have shown my Client 45 homes and they haven’t made any offers yet.
    • If this is you are you going have the courage to request a meeting with your Client to discuss why this is the case?


  • My technology skills are lacking which ultimately affects my ability to market my client’s homes for sale as well as my ability to market myself.
    • If this is you are you going to muster the courage to block time to learn so that you can acquire the skills that you need to advance your business?


  • I am overwhelmed with workflow and I need some help.
    • If this is you are going to find the courage to stop what you are doing and find the right person to help you so that your business can continue to grow?  Once you have the person are you going to courageously set aside your own time so that you can pour yourself into your new assistant to ensure the work gets delegated properly?


  • I just got an internet lead.  I will wait 10 minutes until I finish talking with my buddy to call them.
    • If you get internet leads for your business are you going to be courageous enough to contact them immediately? It’s proven that leads which are contacted immediately convert at higher rates.


Courage is needed to live a meaningful life

Perhaps you are an Entrepreneur who has already achieved lots of business success, but perhaps other areas of your life are not where you want them to be.  In Stephen Covey’s book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”, he writes about “sharpening the saw” which translated means taking the time you need to renew and refresh yourself so that you can be more effective at what you do.

So how do you measure up on being renewed and refreshed?  If the answer is that you don’t feel either of those, and your business is the reason for it, then you need to put systems and processes into place so that you individually can take a break from your business while it still thrives.  Of course, this too will take courage, because it will add cost to your business, and require more of your time to initially put these systems and processes into place. With that said, feeling renewed and refreshed each day is worth working towards is it not?


Go For It!


In summary, constant acts of courage are needed at every turn if you want to achieve your goals.  That nervous feeling in your gut can only be eradicated by courage. Rather than trying to ignore those feelings simply muster the courage each and every day and go for it.  What you will find is that if you increase your acts of courage your level of success will rise.

5 Quick Tips For More Referral Generation

5 Quick Tips For More Referral Generation

5 Quick Tips to Tighten-Up Your Referral Generation Business 


If you’re like us, you LOVE a good referral. There’s nothing better than having your character, business, and reputation work for you. With that stated, and we’re sure it comes as NO surprise to you, most of these ideas hinge on the principle of relationships. You may already be running a strong team with a good word-of-mouth business, but here are tips you may consider adding to your repertoire to increase referral generation. 


1. Make Your Clients Your Friends. 


After the transaction ends, check in, send cards, make a phone call, or send a text message. Maintaining relationships with people after you’ve completed a sale is a great way to ensure that you’re at the forefront of their mind should any real estate needs, concerns, or referrals arise.


2. Use Your Sphere of Influence: Create Connections Among People You Know.


Are you having a gathering? A party? An event? Include people you know on the guest list. Invite the local musician you see play at the corner pub, invite your kids’ swim coach, invite the people your mom knows from her quilting group… maybe not all at once… BUT including different types of people with whom you already associate will allow for you expand your network. Remember, first the person has to know you to like you and has to like you to trust you. Start with small gestures and build from there to generate referrals. 


3. Use Referral Networking Sites and Applications like NuOp. 


Creating connections online is not just for college kids and Instagram influencers. Having the ability to connect through a network such as NuOp will allow you to be the person that another agent or broker will think of if they have a client moving to your area. Building and maintaining online relationships can be a fruitful endeavor if you give it some proper time and attention. 


4. Check your Ego at the Door. 


Try to always remember that the more you remember that this is a cooperative business and the less you allow yourself to be bruised by bumps in the road, the better you will fair in this industry. 


5. Maintain your Professional Relationships.


Think about it. As a broker or an agent, if you have similar offers coming in, you are most likely going to choose the one from the agent with whom you have the best relationships. You will choose the person with the best track record with you. So, it is important that you, too, maintain your professional relationships. 


A bonus tip: Lastly, and most importantly, don’t always WAIT for a referral. Be sure to also send one, as well. Use your SOI to not only help you, but to help others and it will also yield a positive result for you, too! 


Maybe you already do some of these things. Maybe you’ve already considered these angles, as well. We think, however, it’s important to revisit these ideas every few months to truly tap into your referral potential. 

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Could All Real Estate Agents Increase Commissions With This One Question?

Could All Real Estate Agents Increase Commissions With This One Question?

Could All Real Estate Agents Increase Commissions With This One Question… 


To be successful in any career, you have to be willing to hustle and work hard. In Real Estate, there are countless, crazy things that any agent or broker could go through to secure that sale or new client. But, what if you didn’t have to jump through hoops to secure your next commission? Would you do it? Do you already do it? 


Let me explain.


Imagine walking into a house to do a listing presentation. You’ve already spoken to the person on the phone, so you know a little bit about their circumstances. During that interaction, if a seller is moving out of the area, an agent should always ask one thing:

Do you have a real estate agent where you are moving? 

This one question will allow you to secure a future commission while supporting your client. And yet, many agents do not inquire past the initial transaction and situation as they sit at the kitchen table.

This simple question, “Do you have a real estate agent where you are moving?” immediately places you in a space to gain a future commission. It puts you in the position to increase commissions, overall. Many clients will not have another agent lined up and here is your opportunity to help them and yourself – it’s a win-win situation set-up. We love those!  


If your client does not have an agent where they are moving to, you should be sure to offer to set them up with one. Additionally, should the client want options, you can offer to set them up with more than one prospective agent that they can then interview. You can use REALLY to locate and vet prospective agents or should you have someone in the old Rolodex, you can give them a call directly and still connect in REALLY just for the ease of the one-click paperwork. 


During that same kitchen table conversation, remember to always tell your clients that at no additional cost to them, they can use you for advice where ever they go and that by relocating to a different town, they still have their relationship with you as their agent. Let them know that you are happy to search some comps on a potential property or just be a third eye on something they are considering as a professional courtesy of the relationship. When agents refer clients to other agents, a shared commission is expected between the two. And, we are all happy to share in this case. But, none of this can happen without asking the initial question.


Do you have a real estate agent where you are moving? 

“We don’t”

“Well, I can help you with that…” 


A referral commission starts here. What if you always asked that question? Surely, if all real estate agents asked that question, there would be no more money absentmindedly left on the proverbial [kitchen] table.