As the core mission of REALLY™ was being finalized, the three steps that would enable its success became apparent. These steps even formed a very easy-to-remember acronym:


  1. Verify
  2. Collaborate
  3. Refer

There is a reason we started with Verify. You cannot accomplish the last two steps without it. After all, how can you Collaborate with or Refer a client to another Member without proper verification?  Just as you wouldn’t share confidential information with a stranger on the street, you wouldn’t want to share a client’s information on a community referral platform. You want to be confident that the Agents or Brokers you find on REALLY™ are who they say they are before you try to bring them into your sphere.

How do I become verified on REALLY™?

We want as many Members to be verified on REALLY™ as possible. Here is how you do it.

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose or create your Agency or Team
  3. Verify phone number
  4. Verify your email
  5. Subscribe to the Pro plan or a la carte verification option.

CREATE ACCOUNT: When creating your account make sure to provide your full name, the Agency you are associated with, your mobile number, email address, Real Estate License number, and the State which holds your license.

CHOOSE OR CREATE YOUR AGENCY OR TEAM: We encourage Members to share REALLY with fellow Agents or Brokers within the same Agency or Team. Once you join an existing Agency or Team you are instantly connected with everyone via a chat group and directory, making collaboration easy. Within the directory, you can chat one on one with another Agent or Broker. If you have to create an Agency or Team you must get your Broker and/or Team Leader to verify it.

VERIFY PHONE NUMBER: This is an essential step in the verification process. You will be required to enter a code which is sent to the phone number you provide.

VERIFY EMAIL: This also is an essential step in the verification process. You will be required to click a link that is sent to the email address you provide upon registration.

SUBSCRIBE:  The final step to achieving verification is subscribing to the Pro Plan or purchasing the a la carte verification option.  Why is there a fee for verification?  Two reasons:  1) We actually need to pay humans to properly verify each Member, and 2) It’s a fact that those who have skin in the game tend to be more serious players who want to grow their referral business.  With that said, we feel that the a la carte price of $19.95 to complete verification is fair.

What happens when I’m verified on REALLY™?

First, congratulate yourself on achieving verified status in The Real Estate Referral Community™!!  Second, enjoy the nifty little green checkmark next to your profile image.  See how Keren has that green checkmark next to her profile image?  This quickly and accurately tells all other Members that Keren has been verified.  Now, I can vouch that Keren is an Awesome Real Estate Agent that anyone would be smart to refer their clients to, but if you didn’t know this you could at least be sure that Keren is a real person with a valid Real Estate license.

Whether you are looking to exchange a client referral or simply take some advice from a comment in a post, you can rest assured that if you see the green checkmark, that Member has been verified.

What if you don’t have that green checkmark?  Will a sending party of a referral feel comfortable to select you as the candidate for their client if all other candidates have the green checkmark?

Why the big fuss about verifying?

The Real Estate Industry deserves a place for Agents and Brokers to find and verify each other securely and with speed and ease.  We were in need of a trusted community with the tools to collaborate and refer to each other without an entity in the middle taking a cut.

Now, go get your green checkmark, collaborate with other Members and securely exchange referrals with speed and ease.  That’s why we built REALLY!!