REALLY Monthly Roundup — April 2019

April was both fun and productive! For starters, our Progressive Web App launch is right around the corner. Additionally, we had a very active month of sent referrals. We also have a lot of exciting new additions to our platform that will be introduced to you shortly, so stay tuned!

For starters, a very special welcome to Melina who joins us as the new Product Designer. Happy to have you Melina!

Join us for live webinars

We hosted our first of a series of webinars in April to discuss REALLY Easy Referrals: Why to Use it and How it Works. A panel of REALLY Community members joined us to discuss sending a referral to a marketplace where you currently have no Agent contacts. A very special thank you to Raylene Lewis, Keren Gonen, and Dee Chambers for choosing to spend their time with us. Connect with these professionals and send them a referral.

We also just hosted our second webinar on Thursday, May 9th, which focused on sending a referral to an Agent that you already have in mind. We discussed how to send a referral to just one Agent or how to send a referral to as many as four Agents. Remember, regardless of which method you choose to send a referral, REALLY does not take a cut of the commission exchanged. Thank you Keren Gonen for joining us yet again.

Did you miss the webinar? No worries. If you were unable to attend you can watch the recorded version here 👇

You’re invited … to spend 15 minutes or less with Ryan

Schedule a live demonstration of our REALLY referral tool. Meet with Ryan and take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have and quickly understand how REALLY can work for you.

Click here to schedule your 15 minute demo.

Would you like to be an Ambassador?

How would you like to have a direct impact on our platform? We invite you to become a REALLY Ambassador™. We are looking for a set of special volunteers to occasionally sit in on focus groups, join us in meetings on Zoom, and participate in a discussion about our referral network and how we can continually improve it. Earn badges to add to your profile, influence our team, and join the debate. We value your feedback.

Referral Success Team Spotlight

Allow us to introduce you to Keren Gonen. Confident and well spoken, she thoroughly enjoys working with home buyers, both in New York & New Jersey, and especially loves the first time home buyer. To be a part of their experience and to help guide them through the process is what drives her. Keren sees real value in a platform such as REALLY, as it brings Agents together rather than to drive them apart. It should be noted that Keren has both sent and received the most referrals using the REALLY referral tool (hintyou might want to connect with Keren and take a moment to get to know her) That said, take the time to learn about our friend Keren!

Meet Keren Gonen

REALLY Reminders

  • Send a Referral — Send another Agent a referral and legally bind it with ease!
  • Enable Notifications on REALLY — on your mobile device, go to settings, go to notifications, scroll down to REALLY and Allow Notifications. This is important.
  • Make Connections with other members — Don’t be shy! Make connections with other professionals on a social media network that is exclusive to the Real Estate industry.
  • Post in Community — A perfect place to share your ideas, collaborate, and cooperate. Your next great idea might just help another member of our community.
  • Update the App Often — Go to the App Store — verify you have the latest version.