What’s new with REALLY? We’re happy to report that a lot is going on!

First, we offered a way for members to create a favorites list.

If you were to look at another member profile, you might have noticed the heart emblem off to the left of their picture. By tapping the heart, which fills it in, you add that member to your Favorites List. You can access your favorites list by tapping ‘send a referral’ on the profile page. Members now have three categories from which to choose when selecting a candidate to whom to send a referral — from REALLY Contacts, your Favorites List, or Contacts in Your Phone. You may also access these lists in the referral module when submitting a One to One or a One to Many referral. In the referrals module, after entering the referral criteria, you will be prompted to select the candidates to receive it. Here again, you’ll find the three categories to choose candidates from.

Second, we are running a contest for the month of March in the Community section.

We are offering a monetary prize in two different categories: Author of the Month & Collaborator of the Month. For “Author of the Month,” we are offering $100 to the author of a post in the Community section that receives the most replies. Any member may enter this contest by simply creating a post about whatever is on your mind with a goal of eliciting the most replies from your fellow community members. For the “Collaborator of the Month,” we came up with an Editor’s Choice award. We are offering $50 to the author of the most helpful reply to a fellow Community members post. The REALLY marketing team will choose the reply which we find to be the most beneficial to the community. Get involved and join the discussion. Community is such a great opportunity to collaborate with some exceptional, like minded professionals!

Third, we continue to grow our member base organically.

We owe everything to our early adopters who have shared with us their thoughts and ideas, as well as their satisfaction and dissatisfaction with certain elements of the platform. We came up with REALLY to change the way referrals are handled. We set out to create a referral network of real estate professionals, offering a tool that allows you to send and receive referrals, a tool that with a push of a few buttons creates a legally binding referral agreement exchanged between members and is stored on the blockchain, and most importantly, REALLY does not take a cut of the commission exchanged. We listen to and value your input and have lots of great additions on the horizon that we’re sure you’ll love: video tutorials and testimonials, a suggestion box, a help section, frequently asked questions, a more robust profile page, and much more!

Finally, we spoke last month about the progressive web app that’s under construction. It’s almost ready! Our development team is hyper-focused on its completion. They are doing a tremendous job and we remain beyond excited for users to be able to operate on tablets and desktops in addition to finally welcoming our Android users to the REALLY network.

REALLY Reminders

  • One to One — You have a referral and you know the exact Agent to receive it. Send it through REALLY, a legally binding referral agreement is generated, and you don’t sacrifice any of your commission to REALLY (or any other concierge service for that matter!)
  • One to Many — You have a referral and it needs to be handled immediately! Send it through REALLY and offer it up to as many as four Agents, first come — first serve; the first Agent to claim it earns it. A legally binding referral agreement is generated and you don’t sacrifice any of your commission to REALLY (or any other concierge service for that matter!) This is a great tool for Brokers who pass referrals to Agents in their office. Don’t play favorites — share the opportunity to handle a referral with several Agents in your office and see who claims it first!
  • REALLY Easy Referral — You have a client looking to move outside of your market. Send this referral through REALLY and sit back while REALLY presents you outstanding professionals in the industry, in that particular market, that claim it. You are notified each time an Agent claims your referral and are presented all the ways to communicate with that professional. Call them, email them, or research them online. When ready, you select the Agent that you feel most comfortable moving forward with, working with your client. Once a candidate is selected, a legally binding referral agreement is generated, and you don’t sacrifice any of your commission to REALLY (or any other concierge service .. I think you get it!)

It’s REALLY easy and can be completed in three steps: 1. Submit 2. Vet 3. Select

  • Post in Community — A perfect place to share your ideas, collaborate, and cooperate. Remember, we’re giving away cash prizes for the month of March to the author and collaborator of the month. Get involved, win some cash, buy the REALLY team something nice 🙂
  • Make Connections with other members — Don’t be shy! Make connections with other professionals on a social media network that is exclusive to the Real Estate industry.
  • Update the App Often — Go to the App Store — verify you have the latest version.


This month we had the pleasure of introducing you to Laura Marie of Saint Petersburg, Florida. We’ve been waiting, and extremely excited, to speak with Laura. She loves helping people. One cannot help but feel that as she exudes this charisma and excitement. Laura is honest and authentic in her approach to helping serve her clients and isn’t afraid of difficult situations. Take a moment to read about Laura Marie in this months Agent Spotlight.

If you would like to be featured in one of the next Agent spotlights please shoot us a message — info@reallyhq.com