No, it’s not the NCAA Basketball tournament it is the NuOp March Madness contest”, but that is on its way for all you NCAA fans!

We’re excited to announce our own contest beginning on the 1st and ending on the 31st of March. We have two cash prizes we’re looking to give away!

Contest, March Madness

1st Place — Author of the Month, $100 Cash

On April 1, NuOp will send $100 to the author of a post in NuOp that earns the most replies. All you need to do to enter this contest is submit a post, anytime during the month of March. The post can be about anything you desire with the goal of eliciting the most replies from your fellow Community Members.

2nd Place — Collaborator of the Month, $50 Cash

This is an Editor’s Choice award — on April 1st, NuOp will send $50 to the member who authors the most helpful reply to a post in Community. All you need to do to enter this contest is reply to any post during the month of March. The NuOp Marketing team will choose the reply which we find to be the most beneficial to the community.


Lindsey Quistgaard
Lindsey Quistgaard

Lindsey Quistgaard is the Content Marketing Director at REALLY. She has experience writing and curating marketing content and materials for various companies including NLyte DCIM Software Company, Orange-Ulster BOCES, and REALLY. Lindsey is also freelance writer, adjunct college professor, and published poet.