REALLY™ Agent Spotlight: Laura Marie

REALLY™ Agent Spotlight: Laura Marie

Goooooood Morning, Lindsey!” the light, effusive energy from Laura Marie’s voice confidently rings through the phone when she promptly answers our scheduled call. I can tell immediately that she’s amazing. I don’t want to be so affected early on in our interview; however, one can’t help but be swept right into her spirit. Our team had selected Laura for this month’s Spotlight because of this very energy and quality that comes across even in the REALLY Community posts she makes. Laura Marie tells me that she has worked in business development for over seventeen years and has been an agent for three years and has her own team, “Your Home Sold Team,” primarily operating out of Pinellas and Hillsborough counties in the Tampa Bay area. Laura is firecracker of a person, but one of those kind in a planned display that can awe a mesmerized crowd.

Laura Marie loves the heat. She moved to the Tampa Bay area from the Northeast a few years ago in pursuit of a career that would help people and herself build long-term-wealth. Tampa Bay is known for its abundant sunshine, scenic environment, plethora of sports teams, and interesting cultural sites such as the Dali Museum. The area, although more recently developed, has incredible, ancient Paleo-Indian roots and a complex geographical origin. It truly offers anything a person could want and Laura is happy to be the one helping her clients move into their own piece of paradise.

Laura sees herself as somewhat of a transition specialist and she loves helping people. After saying this, she adds a joke, “Well, the best part is people; the worst part is people.” We both laugh and then Laura, in a more serious, reflective tone continues… “Not all moves are a happy process” she solemnly tells me. “Sometimes they can be sad.” Laura tells me about a particular experience where a client’s home sale was related to a medical malpractice experience. Even though she’s not saying it outright, Laura is showing me that she’s the type of agent willing to support a client through any stage of their real estate needs and, most likely, more. Laura tells me, too, there are even transitions that are bittersweet while she recalls a home sale of a family who was selling their home after owning it for forty-five years. Laura says it was an emotional and exciting experience for the family. As an agent, Laura contains compassion and kindness that is a lovely counterpoint to her get-it-done, extremely competent attitude. She truly is the total package.

Going off script a bit because I get the impression Laura is an off-the-script type of person, I ask Laura to tell me what the number one most important factor is in real estate. She gives a little bit of a sigh, almost as though she feels I’ve cornered her into the answer of “location.” Laura readily replies, “Well, the standard answer is ‘location,’ and yes, that’s important. But, what is most important is that clients are honest with who they are and what they want.” Laura is authentic and straightforward; a no “BS” type of woman. She gives me the feeling that she has it all figured out, not in a pretentious know-it-all type of way, but more like a person that is equipped with a truck full of tools who is readily capable of any repair.

When I ask about her personal philosophy, Laura tells me many things that allow insight into the constant churn of possibility that moves in her brain. “Do the best job possible” Laura says matter-of-factly and then she continues to unpack that statement. She lets me know that she stays positive and always looks for collaborative solutions to problems. How you approach people matters” says Laura; “I like to create win-win “ situations. Laura is the type of person to calmly lean into a difficult situation, knowing there is always a solution to the problem. “Communication is KEY,” she says emphatically. Personally, Laura likes to conduct herself in a way where cards are face-up and everyone present knows the rules of the game.

In regard to what brought her to the REALLY app, Laura tells me that she “saw a Facebook ad and checked it out.” She lets me know that she has used other referral networks, but the reason she likes REALLY is because agents don’t want to be limited to only network within their agency. With REALLY, “you can connect across the country, even globally.” Laura also appreciates that REALLY is genuinely working on creating a community out of Real Estate Professionals. “It has a positive community flavor and vibe; I can feel that,” she says. Additionally, Laura also loves that agents “can get perspectives from outside of [their] region.” I have to say that it pleases me to no end to have an agent feel the intention behind the network through using it.

Laura’s certainty and creativity are infectious. She seems like the type of person that anyone would love to work with or for, one of those professionals that creates opportunity for everyone with whom she works. It’s obvious that Laura is a hard worker, but she’s not the type to outright say it. She’ll show you first. Laura tells me that she believes that “what you put out there comes back to you.” She says it in more of a “just desserts” type of way than a “karmic” type of way. I, myself, want to believe in the merit of hard work, and if it’s true, then Laura Marie has a future with a whole lot of good coming her way.

Phone: 727–350–7003
Mobile: 413–219–0350
Email: laura@yourhomesoldfl.com
Website: www.YourHomeSoldTeamFL.com
Company: Keller Williams Realty St Pete
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/YourHomeSoldGuaranteedFL/
INSTAGRAM: lauramarie.pro.realtor

REALLY Monthly Roundup - January 2019

2019 is off to an exciting start with lots of great stuff happening at REALLY Headquarters.

First and foremost, our PWA (Progressive Web App) is under construction and is shaping up nicely.

We couldn’t be more excited to deliver this, allowing us to expand our member base and continue to make your experience seamless with the ability to operate on your desktop or tablet. We are working on including additional Agent statistics that will allow you to make a better-informed decision on what Agents you should choose to handle your referrals, including the ability to create a Favorites List of your top Agents.

Second, a tip of the cap to our co-founder, Geoffrey Green. Geoff has been named one of RIS Media’s 2019 Class of Newsmakers in the category of Trendsetters — The Creative Thinkers. Geoff has grown Green Team New York Realty from a tiny office in 2006 to a tiny office that is now home to 80 Agent’s, in addition to expanding across the border to New Jersey — Green Team New Jersey Realty. Weekly training seminars, a focus on technology, and giving back to his community are just a few traits that make Geoff a tremendous success.

A very special Congratulations to all the candidates selected in each of their categories. For a closer look at RIS Media’s Class of Newsmakers, you can visit:

https://rismedia.com/2019-newsmakers-trendsetters/#trendsetters (All Candidates)

https://rismedia.com/newsmaker/?id=12 (Geoffrey Green)

We are all very proud of you Geoff, Congratulations — now back to work.

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Referral Success Team Spotlight

We did it again. Actually, you did it again! Our Referral Success Team has continued connecting referrals in New York, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, & Connecticut to name a few. Remember that we have a community of Agent’s ready, willing, and able to handle your referrals. Get your hands on these unclaimed commission’s by opening the REALLY app, and with just a few taps of your finger, you are able to submit a referral that is legally bound. All that is left to do is collect your commission!

Agent Spotlight

This month we had the pleasure of meeting Jacqueline (Jacque) Kraszewski of Warwick, NY. Take a moment out of your day to introduce yourself to this wonderful Agent that loves her local community and who feels her clients are actually her friends. Jacque has achieved success with her unique ability to see a space for what it is and what it can be. Highlighting certain features that sometimes go unnoticed allows her to impress her clients and sell homes quickly at the best possible price. Keep up the great work Jacque!

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If you would like to be featured in one of the next Agent spotlights please shoot us a message — info@reallyhq.com