REALLY™ Agent Spotlight: Rafael Rosario

REALLY™ Agent Spotlight: Rafael Rosario




How do you spell that?…

There is a humor and bated enthusiasm in Rafael Rosario’s voice; his natural demeanor is of a person who is always ready, always paying attention.

Admittedly, I had never heard of Allapattah before getting on the phone with Rafael, who grew up in the neighborhood before becoming an agent. Allapattah is a small area mostly in the city of Miami. “There’s art all over the place,” Rafael says fervidly. “The market is changing. There’s a new soccer stadium. Downtown is merging with the area.” He starts excitedly listing the development happening to his hometown. Allapattah is seeing many changes through renovation and improvements. And, Rafael is deeply invested in his hometown community. He wants the best for all of its original homeowners and the growth of the neighborhood. He’s the type of guy you would call “good people” or “salt of the earth” and assume that he had an amazing mom during his upbringing. His passion and loyalty comes through in his voice.

Like the emerging Allapattah, Rafael has the ability to evolve and reinvent himself. With a background in Finance and a degree in Accounting along with his current Real Estate license, he hopes to complete Brokerage Courses and take his practice to the next level. Rafael really enjoys the freedom that his job holds and the relationships that the business builds. He delights in his dutiful work at Prominent Realty. Rafael is the type of guy who doesn’t like to say “no” — he wants to be “the go-to person” and is not afraid to put in the work necessary to become him. He gives me the feeling of someone who is not afraid to grind and is entirely self-made but is humble and considerate enough to credit every person he’s ever met as a stepping stone to his success and future.

In a space where everyone tries to make things seem breezy, Rafael is not afraid to admit to real challenges; “competition and learning how to market yourself the right way” is something with which he struggles. With so many ways to reach an audience and potential clients, it’s tough to focus on what your angle should be, to find the “right niche.” Real Estate, as anyone may know, can be an intensely competitive business and the Miami-Allapattah area is no stranger to shark-effect.

As we are discussing these things, Rafael interjects, “ It’s a great app by the way.”

“Oh, you mean REALLY?”

“Yeah, it’s a platform for people that want to work together,” Rafael says. And, this is why he likes REALLY. In an industry that is super competitive, he sees REALLY as a space where agents can communicate and help one another. Rafael sees the vision of the REALLY community as we do — a space that allows Real Estate Professionals to be like one big team, one giant network. For Rafael it’s important that we “all work together and help each other out” and we couldn’t agree more, which is one of the reasons REALLY was developed.

As far as his personal philosophy, Rafael states that he believes in two tenets: “work hard and always be available.” It’s easy to see that Rafael is a devoted person and agent. It’s not that he has a debt to pay to those that have come before him in Allapattah, but I can tell it’s a point of character where he feels his loyalties exist, where he feels he can help. And, I have no doubt that he will.

Rafael Rosario
Prominent Realty
2595 NW 27th Ave
Miami FL 33142

What’s in a shade of paint? A whole lot of cash.

What’s in a shade of paint? A whole lot of cash.

According to a study done by Zillow, certain shades of paint can add or detract value from a home. Choose all the right shades and home sellers can more than make up for the cost of a can of paint.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s great if buyers have their own sense of style and taste, but your sellers should put a light shade of gray on top of that flamboyant self-expression. When it comes to selling, choosing lighter shades of gray and even warm, soft yellows helps the sale of a home.

Zillow’s Chief Economist, Svenja Gudell states that “A fresh coat of paint is an easy and affordable way to improve a home’s appearance before listing. However, to get the biggest bang for your buck, stick with colors that have mass appeal so you attract as many potential buyers to your listing as possible. Warm neutrals like yellow or light gray are stylish and clean, signaling that the home is well cared for, or that previous owners had an eye for design that may translate to other areas within the house.”

Although that news may not be too surprising, other information from the large study was. For example, did you know that a black front door could increase the price of a typical U.S. home by 2.9 percent? Or, that having a periwinkle blue bathroom could yield a home price that is 1.3 percent higher? What other color and location gets a 1.3 percent increase? Living rooms with pinkish taupe paint! Changing these spaces or rooms could really add up to a lot of cash that could more than make up for your time and money spent on painting.

What about the colors to avoid on specific spaces? Stay away from off-white or white in your kitchen, costing the average homeowner $82. Instead, opt for a warm yellow and stand to earn an extra $1,000 or more. Additionally, bedrooms painted dark brown sold for $236 less than expected, while using the same shade in a bathroom lowered the selling price by $469. Lastly, stay away from terracotta — that orange-tanish hue outdoor flower pots are known for. Painting your living room that color can cost you almost $800 in the sale price of your home.

Beauty and style are in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to someone else’s wallet, play it smart and not personally. Spending $100 on a couple gallons of paint and getting some friends to have a painting party will be more than worth it when you earn thousands extra on closing day.

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