Within its first weeks of being released to the Apple App Store, REALLY™ had its first completed referral. We, at REALLY™, were so grateful to provide a space where our mission came to fruition. To see our app work for our fellow Real Estate Professionals and give them a space where they can send legally binding, free referrals Agent to Agent is truly fulfilling to our team and company.

Meet the two agents

So, who are these wonderful agents, you ask? Please meet James (Jim) Moser from The Green Team Home Selling System in Warwick, NY and Michael (Mike) Perry from Consult Realty and Management in Zerphyrhills, FL. Over 1,100 miles separates these two agents who had never met previously to their interaction on the REALLY™app. However, Jim Moser had a client that was relocating and needed an agent to whom he could comfortably refer them. Cue the REALLY™network of verified, vetted professionals that contains Mr. Mike Perry.

Mike Perry has over thirteen years of professional Real Estate experience and is based out of Zephyrhills, Florida. Although he finds managing a business challenging, he loves that the “sky is the limit” in his Real Estate career. Mike found the REALLY™app a few months ago and gave it a try because “anything that can supply leads is worth having.” We couldn’t agree more, Mike.

Jim Moser, based out of Warwick, New York, contacted Mike through the REALLY™ app and found that it was “very quick to connect with a realtor in another state.” Mike noted that it was “easy” to use REALLY™ and accept Jim’s referral with “no issues.” Jim, too, stated that the referral feature within the REALLY™app is “highly recommended” and found Mike to be “very helpful and professional” throughout this seamless, easy referral process.

The referral was completed within minutes and Mike had secured a new client moving to his area all because he signed up for an app and accepted a referral from Jim. Congratulations to Mike and Jim for completing the first ever REALLY™ referral. We know that you will only be more successful as you continue your careers and continue to use innovative tools such as REALLY™ to better your process.