How do you define success for yourself as an agent? There are countless ways to look at oneself professionally in order to critically decide if we are, in fact, successful. Regardless of how you see your own success, there is a vast amount of research that states that those that who are the most successful or have the capability of being successful exhibit some specific personality traits. According to University of Minnesota scientists Sackett and Walmsley, it seems that conscientiousness, agreeableness, and emotional stability top the list of personality traits that can insure success in any career. Funnily enough, we can see how these three traits are hugely applicable within our industry and are essential for success. So, what if you don’t naturally have these personality traits? Or, if you do, what should you be doing to cultivate them further?

In an industry that feels like it’s constantly changing and yet staying the same all at once, it is important for agents to develop habits and routine practices they can count on for success. Here are just a few practices and consistent habits from REALLY™ to help you become highly effective and successful.

  1. Develop a “Growth Mindset.” As an agent and as an individual, it is important to see yourself as a person that will always be growing and changing. Personal, internal growth begets professional growth. Accepting the premise that you will always be in a state of betterment and improvement will put you in a mental place that allows you to develop or better develop those three key traits for success (conscientiousness, agreeableness, and emotional stability).
  2. Set a specific schedule that’s aligned to your goals. So many agents wish for success, but do they plan for it? If you have a specific schedule that allows for you to block and properly use your time, you will have a consistent habit to develop your success. Your schedule must be aligned to the things you want to actually accomplish. For example, do you want more referrals? Set aside time to use the REALLY™app — spend time in the community section and make more connections to other professionals via the app. Do you want stronger connections with clients? Create a specific time period for personal emails, calls, and texts, etc. Your schedule should be reflective of where you want to grow and go as an agent.
  3. Exhibit grit. The famous “Grit” study by Angela Duckworth adapted the definition of “grit” to mean the “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.” This doesn’t mean blindly following a sinking ship or a failing practice, but it does mean to keep moving in difficult situations and continue adapting to achieve long-term goals. Not every sale or client will pan out. You may lose an escrow or a client, or even both. You have to learn to compartmentalize and move on while keeping your ultimate goal in mind.
  4. Increase and enhance your online presence. Whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat, you should be finding ways to increase your online presence and gain exposure in a customer-facing way. Additionally, in a professional-facing capacity, you should harness the power of the internet through apps such as REALLY™ and through other online communications to agents such as email. With REALLY™, you can easily and quickly connect to another agent, broker, or team leader to send a legally binding referral, ask a question, or comment on a posted topic. Growing your network and increasing your online presence is something you should schedule and continually do.

These are just four examples of habits that will help you to become a better, more effective agent. Considering ways to develop personal traits and practices that better you regularly is a step in direction toward success.