How can REALLY™ help you generate leads?

How can REALLY™ help you generate leads?

Not always because we want to be, but because we know that to get leads you have to be. Leads are the life source of our business, and often the deciding factor in whether or not we can buy that new car or take that vacation. We attend events, talk up a storm with local merchants, go to the farmers market on the weekend. Whatever your preference may be, you know you have to put yourself out there to get leads.

The way Real Estate Professionals generate leads now is usually digital. Most of us have Facebook pages or profiles. Once in awhile, we’ll post something, though we’re not always sure how and if it will help generate leads. Not all of us have the technical skill to make vast and complex Facebook or Google Ad campaigns that could drum up business. Instead, many of us pay a company to generate leads for us, i.e., Zillow, Realtor.com, etc.

As Real Estate Professionals we wanted there to be another way for us to generate leads. A peer-to-peer platform with no go-between entity taking a piece of our commissions or charging us exorbitant fees. This was one of the leading reasons we created REALLY™.

What is REALLY™? Essentially, it is a platform of trust among Real Estate Professionals, utilizing checks and balances to ensure that users are who they say they are.

For example, you want to provide a lead to an agent in another state. You find one via a Google search, and they say they do between $20 million to $30 million a year. We require users to post their numbers to the platform so you can verify that and even read feedback from other users.

So, how can a platform of trust, whose only users are Real Estate Professionals, help me generate more leads?

REALLY™ takes NO commissions — you keep it all!

By having a presence on the REALLY™ platform, you are “putting yourself out there.” Right from a profile page for an Agent or Broker, your numbers, your connections with other users (you may have a contact in common), your proximity to the client’s desired location or potential listing, are all visible. You can send or receive a chat request to speak directly with another Agent or Broker, and even exchange legally binding referral agreements. The REALLY™ platform can drastically reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to make the right connection with another Real Estate Professional. The best thing? You will never be charged any fees related to exchanging a referral on the REALLY™ platform. Sound good so far?

How can I stand out in a search so I can get more leads?


  1. The first thing you have to do is post your production numbers. Once you have posted your numbers and get five connections, you become verified. You’ll then be required to post your numbers every six months in order to stay verified. As a verified user, others will see a checkmark next to your profile picture in search results. Also, being verified helps you in search rankings. Think of the search on REALLY™ as being similar to SEO for Google; these are among the factors that will lead to higher search rankings for your area.
  2. The second thing you should do is to establish more connections. Find other users you feel you can do business with. Check out their open discussions in the community section and read any reviews they might have. Try to have a network of agents or brokers who do low end to high-end properties or build your connections on REALLY™ depending on your business’ brand. Find users in areas where the typical buyer in your area might move to and vice versa. The number of a user’s connections does factor into search rankings. It is not the only factor, but we do think it is the easiest one for users to achieve. The more you use the platform, the more connections you’ll have the ability to make.
  3. Third, engage in the community section of the platform. We encourage users to utilize it to ask questions and seek advice or to share an experience that might be helpful to other agents. Also, we reward users who read posts and provide useful feedback. Users can upvote a comment, and those upvotes can factor into your search rankings. It’s all about sharing and genuinely working together to build and maintain a network of trust, so REALLY™ rewards users who help in that mission. The more you engage in the community, the more the community will reward you. It’s that simple.
  4. The last advice we give to users is to be accountable on the REALLY™ platform. If you as a user speak with and confirm your ability to follow through with a lead with another user and you disappear, that user will have the option to leave their feedback about you on REALLY™. We can’t have a network of trust when people are not accountable. That is why reviews are so important. With your buyers and sellers, you go above and beyond to meet their needs because you know that they have other family and friends who may refer you business. The same applies to REALLY™ users. When you go above and beyond for your fellow Real Estate Professionals, they will help you earn more business.